Novel Experience Podcast – Episode 6

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The Novel Experience Podcast

The Novel Experience Podcast

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Today’s podcast is the first of my three-part conversation with Vancouver Island’s best-selling novelist, Chevy Stevens, author of the terrifying and unsettling debut thriller, STILL MISSING. (Click link below)

A publishing phenom, with a six-figure advance, 150,000 hard-cover first print run, sales to over 20 countries and a movie deal to her credit, Chevy generously reveals how she mined her own personal troubles to drive her protagonist’s voice and which professional editor helped hone her manuscript and eventually land her an agent.

Plus, find out what selling real estate and using a hammer has to do with Chevy’s writing process!

Episode 6:

The Novel Experience Podcast’s title tune is Devil in the Details by Glynne Turner. Ain’t it fab!